permanent makeup near me corona virus covid-19
Permanent Enhancements (PE) has always been concerned with keeping our clients safe and well informed. But now, more than ever, we want to be sure our infection prevention and hygiene practices are transparent to our clients.

Measures We Take

  • Single-use (disposable) equipment
    • Disposable masks
    • Disposable gloves
  • Hand-Washing techniques used by health care professionals
  • Hospital-grade Disinfectant to wipe down all equipment such as trays, counters, client procedure chair, as well as high-traffic areas.

Additional Measures

  • Real-Time updates and safety measures posted on our site by the Cuyahoga CountyBoard of Health, CDC and OSHA.
  • Sanitization of surfaces a client or technician may come in contact with, such as light switches, doorknobs, etc.
  • Sanitized gown worn by technicians.

Client Responsibilities

  • Come alone.
  • You must wear a mask.
  • No cellphones.
  • Wash your hands upon entering salon for minimum 20 seconds.
  • Refrain from touching your face especially following a make-up procedure.

Reschedule if you

  • Feel sick, have a fever or cough.
  • Have been traveling or may have come into contact with someone who travelled within the past two weeks.
  • Have come in contact with someone who tested positive or is waiting for the results.
  • Have come in contact with someone not practicing self-quarantining.

Look Great - Feel Great

Following these common sense guidelines will greatly reduce the risks of many illnesses and allow you to participate in some much needed “self-care”.

permanent makeup near me corona virus covid-19
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